Celebrating 40+ years of service to the community

Jumpy Monkey Gormet Coffee

Stop and smell the coffee

Jumpy Monkey™ coffee business venture brewing at
Service Enterprises

Jumpy Monkey Coffee
offers a variety of blends and flavors

    Jumpy MonkeyTM is a coffee roasting company which has partnered with Opportunities Unlimited.  We supply individuals with disabilities with meaningful and purposeful employment.

    Opportunities Unlimited is a Sioux City not-for-profit corporation providing rehabilitation and therapeutic services for individuals who have sustained a traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, and/or physical disability.

    Jumpy MonkeyTM/Opportunities Unlimited has partnered with Service Enterprises Inc., a Redwood Falls, MN nonprofit, as a distributor.

    The packaging and distribution of this product provides purposeful and meaningful work for the individuals we have the privilege of supporting.

Roasting & Packaging

    Jumpy MonkeyTM maintains full control during the roasting process.  For each batch of coffee beans, we use our eyes, ears, and nose.  Automation is no substitute for seeing, hearing and smelling coffee beans transform from their green state, loaded with potential, to a roasted state, potential fully realized as aroma and taste.  We honor roasting as a craft and skill practiced and perfected by generations for centuries.

What makes us different?

Distinctive Roasts

Specialty Blends

* Presently in SEI inventory | * Available in Decaffeinated |  * Espresso Perfetto Blend

Medium roasted and blended in the northern Italian tradition, Espresso Perfetto’s taste begins smooth but soon reveals it’s unique and complex taste that quickly subsides, leaving a wonderfully rich after-taste suspended in a heavy loamy body.  Perfetto makes superb straight ristretto shot and provides an excellent base for cappuccino latte beverages. 

Flavored Coffees

(Available in Regular or Decaffeinated

* Presently in SEI inventory

* Amaretto Royale


Banana Foster


Berry Blend


* Blueberry Cobbler




Cherry Royale


* Chocolate Caramel Nut


Chocolate Cherry


Chocolate Mint


* Chocolate Raspberry




* Cinnamon Sticky Bun


* Crème Brulee


Danish Pastry


Dutch Cinnamon Apple


* English Toffee


* French Vanilla

* German Chocolate Cake


Grand Marnier


* Hazelnut Cream & Decaf


* Irish Cream Supreme


Jingle Joe - Seasonal Flavor


Klua Cream


Maple Cinnamon


Maple Pecan


Orange Creamsicle


Pralines and Cream


Pumpkin Spice - Seasonal Flavor




* Snickerdoodle


* Tiramisu


Toasted Almond Cream


Toasted Nut Fudge


Toasted Southern Pecan


* Vanilla Buttercream & Decaf